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Chapter 1

Ah where Is this place

If I remember I was in hospital after accident occurred on my way from college

Ye kaishan observed surrounding There is nothing here this place is pitch black like I am in outer space and I can't feel my body

Ah there is something here light it's like a screen its good this side here is light but looks like this pace is huge this small light screen can't cover this whole place

Oh, there's something showing on the screen I can see forest and some blunt mountain

There are some people also are they arguing with this girl and they are wearing some strange cloths but what are they talking

Song yan you trash you are really garbage even if you are the daughter of the matriarch

song Qian.

you are trash and lower than a bug in my eyes. you cultivated from spirit realm to soul sprit at the age of 8 that time everyone shocked by your progress because it is very rare for someone to enter soul spirit realm before 15. All clan members were overjoyed because they can nurture a genius

ha ha ha but you stagnated in this realm for 12 years now you are just waste now nearly all the younger generation of song family have entered fusion of Dao companion of the spirit realm

they have all made contact with their Dao companions and made grotto heaven I have long made contact with my Dao companion and created my grotto heaven

song yan looked at the women from song family with calm face with her somewhat mature jade white face she was in a miserable situation but with her fairylike skin and jade hands she looked like a fallen fairy ye kaishan have to admit that she was most beautiful woman he has ever seen even the actresses in blue star can't compare her

song yan saw these women with somewhat resentment but soon helplessness falls upon her she didn't spoke anything and leave that face with helplessness but with a still calm face

she entered her court yard and started meditating on the jade slab looks like in this life also l cannot meet with my Dao companion I my fate will not change in this spirit soul continent those who cannot awaken their Dao companion they cannot make progress in their cultivation

before I was reborn, I was not able to meet with my Dao companion but with some fortune I got a heavenly soul treasure with that as a container I cultivated to the peak of soul emperor and hailed as void empress for thirty thousand years but I fell during fight with the ten empresses from fairy court

but…... sigh as I thought for entering starry sky and for further progress in cultivation Dao companion is very important soul heavenly treasure has limit to the soul emperor realm, I have never seen my Dao companion.

Dao companions are the Daoist partner as well as container for the soul energy.

Once the female cultivator reaches the realm of soul spirit realm, they can instantly sense their elemental power and a soul link establishes between female cultivator and respective male, then female cultivator can find her companion by the soul link

human, divine beasts, demon's, pure sprit race and in every race on this continent for cultivator without Dao companion is without foundation they won't progress in cultivation

but how can I meet with my Dao companion or did I have or not no everyone has a Dao companion in their life so I also should have my Dao companion

in my previous life I was unable to awaken my Dao companion I was able to cultivate to emperor realm thanks to that soul heavenly treasure but if I have to surpass my previous self, I have to awaken my Dao companion

ye kaishan was shocked by listening those words now he has confirmed that this is not blue star but different world a cultivation world

and by his condition looks like he has died by that accident in the hospital and looks like he has attached to this girl Infront of him who is a reborn empress he can clearly see demeanour of supreme being in that girl by looking at her well let's observe her for sometime

At that time some strange runes appeared in ye kaishan's mind. in his mind there was a small sapling with strange runes were inscribed on it and some strange light was glowing surround it dark blue and faint green these two light were glowing surrounding it

What is this

What is this thing he extended his hand to touch it, instantly a golden light appeared and sapling grew slowly in the eyes of ye kaishan as it grew some information appeared in ye kaishan's mind his worries instantly disappeared

By the information I received it's a space-time soul tree it is a skill tree which will unlock various skills as my ability grow and by that information from soul tree,

I somewhat grasped some information about this world this world is soulspirit continent and this world run by only females and males are the Dao companion

which they will awaken after soul spirit realm and a soul link will be established between male and female after thar female cultivators sense their respective companions

Dao companions are really important for further progress I cultivation

if the Dao companion died then it will be like crippling the cultivator worse than death and there will be no improvement in cultivation

So am I a Dao companion. And looks like I am Dao companion of this female reborn emperor

she has not sensed my existence in her soul sub space as I thought this tree is distorting the space and concealing my existence, I also gained some powers from it and I can see my body and feel it and can control power of space-time at this time I only have power to teleport and some control over time power well first observe her and this world for some time

Song yan laid on her bed and fell in sleep 

Next morning she got up and headed towards the room of her mother, song clan was not top force it was a 8th rank force in spirit soul continent it was situated under mylan mountain in middle was a huge hall it was main hall of song clan and surrounded with many buildings some disciples were practicing in the training ground song yan headed towards her mother room

Song yan entered the room there was a woman who looked like she was in her twenties and as beautiful as song yan she was sitting Infront of a mirror and a young man who was also looked like in his twenties was combing the woman Infront of the mirror he was Dao companion of song Qian and father of song yan

Mother, father she greeted them song Qian looked at her daughter and hugged her with a gentle smile song yan I was just thinking about you I have thought of away to awaken your Dao companion. mother don't worry about me because of me you are losing your influence in the clan I think I won't be able to awaken my Dao companion.

Don't dishearten song yan you will be able to awaken your Dao companion at this time the young man also spoke but father 12 years have passed and I can't progress in my cultivation today I come here because I wanted to go to the Loman Forest

What you want go to that forest you know how dangerous is that forest song Qian blurted out with tense expression she was her only daughter she didn't listen any elder in song clan she also know that for song yan how hard for her to not be able to awaken her Dao companion

But she cant help her she used many methods to awaken her Dao companion many earthly treasures were used on her but it has no effects on her she was also in very tight stuation in the clan but she didn't understand why her daughter want's to go in that ghostly forest that place is very dangerous even soul star realm person won't enter there that place is one of the taboo place of southern region

Mom don't worry I won't enter the forest I heard that there was loman flower grows around that forest which is used to awaken the Dao companion I want to collect it for song wu she has entered in spirit soul that will help her to awaken her Dao companion

Ok you can go but don't enter the forest and after collecting the flower come back fast at this time her father spoke but husband how can she …ok Qian don't worry about our daughter she can take care of herself. thanks father, mother song yan immediately cupped her hand and ran out of the room fearing her mother will stop her if she stayed here any longer.

Song Qian:()

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