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Love: The Hazardous Emotion Telling my thought to him

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She suddenly thought that So Hyung may be there to console her, to clarify everything, and to ease her suffering. She soon noticed, though, that it was simply a delivery vehicle going about, pausing to drop off packages at a neighbor's house. She felt a wave of disappointment pass over her and saw additional tears fill up in her eyes.

Micha turned away from the balcony and lay against the wall, her back to the cool surface as she tried to control her breathing. She tried to slow her beating heart by closing her eyes and taking several deep breaths. She knew she couldn't let the pain in her chest ruin her entire day, yet it still lingered.

She went back to the dining room, took a seat, and began to chew at what was left of her breakfast. Her family seemed oblivious to the emotional tempest brewing inside her as they carried on with their discussions. Even with her loved ones around, she had a twinge of loneliness. But she understood that in order to preserve some sort of normalcy, she had to keep going.

Micha silently promised herself that very moment. She would look for a means to get over the betrayal, to move on, and to find happiness again. She owed it to herself to try, even if it wouldn't be simple and there would be many obstacles in her way.

She held to a tiny spark of hope and determination as she completed her breakfast and got ready for the day. Perhaps, just perhaps, the future might bring fresh starts and the opportunity to heal her wounded heart.

Micha sat silently, deep in contemplation. She wondered,

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