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The End Of Fantasy 1. PEACE

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Peace— does this word matter? if it is then why do people suffer?

Is it because —god?

Then why can't he hear us?

Are we destined to be left like this? if our life is a mere plaything, just so they can enjoy it as we suffer?

Who knows, but isn't this good that it all ended for me?

The one who has suffered will envy me, how many are there?, a thousand?, a hundred thousand?, no it's every living being across the universe, who'll envy me as I slowly fall into the darkness before.

—I have become selfish

As my heart throbs its last breaths, my eyes enjoy the endless gray scenery, mesmerizing dark clouds, and the shuttle raindrops, like, the whole world became my resting place.

People surrounded me, covering my view, — I complained in my mind.

But my eyes felt heavy, — I just want to sleep now, under the mesmerizing view, lying on this cold road.

—It was that day I finally found what true peace describes. But in those peaceful moments, a wandering thought lingered.

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