All OR Nothing
1 All OR Nothing author:wu1fy sort: urban 5435 read
In a post-apocalyptic world where survivors are granted superpowers, a band of proffensional idiots try not to kill each others Jack is someone who just wants to lay back and relax in a world without society But the devils hand says otherwise While he only sighs and is forced to move forward side note: i will be uploading this story on
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Broad Appeal
2 Broad Appeal author:Osagie_Aromose sort: urban 1677 read
Amelia Sinclair is a successful but guarded book editor living in New York City. Focused on her career, she's long since given up on finding love - until she meets Lucas Donovan, a charming and charismatic aspiring writer. Lucas is instantly captivated by Amelia's sharp wit and intelligence, and he's determined to win her over. Despite her best efforts to maintain an emotional distance, Amelia finds herself falling for Lucas's gentle persistence and genuine kindness. As their relationship blossoms, Amelia and Lucas must navigate the complexities of their different backgrounds and priorities. Amelia's wealthy, high-powered family disapproves of Lucas's humble origins, while Lucas struggles to prove he's worthy of Amelia's affection. Just when it seems they've overcome every obstacle, a devastating family secret from Amelia's past threatens to tear them apart. Forced to confront her deepest fears, Amelia must decide if she's willing to risk everything for a chance at true love. Spanning 70 captivating chapters, \
The Returning Overlord
3 The Returning Overlord author:sherly039 sort: urban 545 read
Arthur, is a coming-of-age character and a military enthusiast with an unmatched sense of firearms. His story begins with abduction, where, to survive, he is coerced into joining a private military contractor. Leveraging his intelligence and sharpshooting skills, Arthur becomes a prominent figure within various major underworld factions, eventually establishing his own armed force. As he navigates through the murky waters of violence and conspiracy, he evolves not only as a warrior but also as a person, constantly questioning his values and moral boundaries.
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GINKEN: Sea Storm
4 GINKEN: Sea Storm author:StrangeJelly sort: urban 18926 read
The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher
6 The Bored Immortal Became a Teacher author:TOYAPUS sort: urban 9925 read
1,000 Years Ago... The Earth was shaken and evolved into a much more dangerous Place. The Earth got larger by twice its size, but the Portals suddenly appeared in front of the Human Being that reduced their Population to 40% left, but hope was almost lost. They have been granted one more time to survive, a System was brought to everyone that they can use to evolve and get stronger. A Hero suddenly came upon them that slaughtered all of the Monsters that came out of the Portal. She was then given the title, \
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Clash of the Realms: Fate of a goddess
In a world where the Demons and the Mortal supernaturals exists, a war started over the possession of the multipowerful supernatural goddess; a goddess with an overwhelming, elemental powers. As fate has it, two princes; one from the Demons Realm and the other, from the Mortal world found themselves drawned to a girl, who unknowingly possesses the extraordinary power. As tension elevates, the girl became the center of the fierce Battle, each of the prince claiming to have the girl as their own, for the advantage of their kingdoms. Leaving everyone to wonder which kingdom will be victorious in possessing the powerful goddess.
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The Sugar Mommy System: The Evil Young Master is Villain!!!
[ Warning: Sexual content- Dual Cultivation ] [ Warning: Might be slow pace for someone who isn't much into character interaction... Or sometime I just like to extend things, let's be real, I can't just write she is beautiful... I need to describe the jade beauty with at least 6 paragraphs, 2 paragraphs about just her assets ] [ Warning: Not a Simp Mc ] [ Warning: Op Mc, powerful system ] [ Warning: I don't give a fuck you are dying, Type MC ] [ Warning: Narcissist, Egoist Mc but not that mentally weak to react immediately ] [ Warning; Harem + Yandere Main character, highly obsessive and possessive main character... Calm and cold demeanor, Once you are his, you are forever his, there is no escaping his clutch. ] ————— Ah! Here we go again, another edgy villain novel that haunts the protagonist, aka, the chosen son of heaven. Tsk! Such a cliche! Constantly used plotline with repeated storyline. Hunt the protagonist with a Jade like beautiful sister and steal his sister after 50 chapters milking his luck. Hunt the protagonist with this cheat, hunt the protagonist with that cheat... --- Beta: Ahhh! Damn it... When will the good day come? Author: Well, don't ask me, I just got here. Beta: Fuck it! I want a good story. Author: Junior, trust this senior, this is a good one Beta: Arggh! Shut up! I hate it. Author: courting death! Go and ask Yama how good this is. Beta: Y-You, how dare you? Author: I will give you 10 breaths of time, cripple your cultivation, and scram!! Beta: Good! Very Good! Author: * Raises his eyebrows and turns beta into useless dust particles* ----- Chad: senior, I have been enlightened, I wish to know more about what you have in this ancient script. Author: ah! An intelligent and wise junior, you have raised a very good question. Here are things this forbidden ancient script contains. 1. Sinful activity: this book contains the profound sinful activity of balancing the Yin and Yang, by, shoving the mighty Yang rod in the Yin Hole. 2. System - MC relationship: fuck... Ahem* Ahem* sorry for tongue slip. Forget the classic old system, here take this hot waifu system where you need to take her chastity to activate her. 3. Steal everything: junior! Are you tired of Mc only stealing the jade beauties that were created for the protagonist? Well, let's process further and add the Protagonist's mother, aunt, and sister, into Mc's harem. Chad: oh! The senior really blessed me with such a divine forbidden Scripture, here take my money and give me the chapters. Author: oh! Ho Ho! I haven't finished yet. Here are a few more. 1. Cold, ruthless, protagonist: sorry, but, he will even kill the child as long as he gets something in return. Throw; morality and humanity out the window. ( not a classical ‘Villan’ who only hunts the protagonist. The story doesn't just revolve around hunting the chosen one, ) 2- Just because you are a heroine doesn't mean, you can step on my head, know your place. Mc will even kill the heroine if they bother him. Chad: Say no less senior, from today onward, I will join your sect and follow you till I die. * Kneels and accept author as his master * Author: Very well, here is the key to join my sect. https:\/\/\/invite\/QaCzkvHsuN https:\/\/\/invite\/tknrUfPfrb https:\/\/\/culturesect Chad: Thanks senior, I will join the sect immediately. Author: I see great potential in you junior, trust me, you will go way forward. Chad: You honor me with your words senior, please, let me read the forbidden Scripture that is banned by the heavens. Author: say no more! ————— Tags: OP MC, SYSTEM, HAREM, ACTION, ADVENTURE, THREESOME, Not so dumb Mc, Ancient treasure, Edgy writing, I don't give a Shit -Mc, not my problem- Mc, powerful battles, dual cultivation, sect creation, sect development, diverse race harem, Evil Mc. ( Real Evil yet, strategic )
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Devouring Monarch: Rebirth of the Profane Phoenix
Asura, a noble in the kingdom of Silvara, spent his days quietly until his world ended. Betrayed by his beloved wife and then killed, he swore to get revenge on them in his late moments. Upon death, Asura somehow returned 20 years into the past. Prepared to get revenge on the woman who betrayed him. On his journey for revenge, he discovers true love, friendship, and a life-altering truth. A dark cult controls his fate like a game—even his beloved's betrayal was their work. He learns about his powers and strange bloodlines. Then, about this being his ninth and final rebirth! All to revive their god, using Asura as the perfect vessel. Vowing to destroy the cult's plot and protect his loved ones, Asura forges an alternative path. Becoming the Devouring Monarch
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Adoptee: Runaway Noble, Adopter: Mad Scientist
Fleeing a noble house, illegitimate daughter Tiffaney runs away to a place where no noble can reach her. Limited in her available options she decides to brave the most forsaken land in the whole empire, the villainous house of Dyne. Hoping for asylum, she finds herself swept up by the current head of house Lady Dyne, Mad Scientist. Adopted as heir, how will a girl survive her new insane mother, living in a deadly deathtrap of a home?